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January 1: Pray with one person

January 2: Do a chore for a neighbor

January 3: Attend First Connection (or invite someone)

January 4: Read James 1:26-27

January 5: Verbally encourage someone

January 6: Fast from TV for a day

January 7: Pay it forward one time

January 8: Leave a generous tip

January 9: Read James 2:1-7

January 10: Check out Group Connect

January 11: Bring coffee to a friend

January 12: Spend five minutes praying for a neighbor

January 13: Fast from food for the day (but drink plenty H2O)

January 14: Leave an encouraging note for a friend

January 15: Read James 3:1-12

January 16: Spend 5 minutes praying for our country

January 17: Donate to a worthy cause

January 18: Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while

January 19: Take someone to lunch

January 20: Mail an encouraging note

January 21: Share the 3 Circles with one person

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