Our mission is to help families discover and pursue God’s design. This often requires going to people and places where Bibles are not available, families live in fear, and the word “love” is not even part of their vocabulary. We have short-term, long-term, and summer college opportunities for you to join Family Church as we literally reach the world from South Florida.

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We will engage the Panamanian people by:

  • Training working class Spanish churches as they engage their neighborhoods with the gospel.
  • Interacting with English-speaking Panamanians looking for ways to turn everyday conversations into gospel conversations.
  • Assisting an inner-city school and adult education ministry, including opportunities for construction work.

You will experience a new culture and explore God’s call to missional living. This is a great opportunity to take the whole family on a mission trip.

Trips: June 2 - 8 | July 29 - August 5 | September 16 - September 21 (+3)

Other dates may be available through your Family Church Campus.

Cost:  $1,475

Mexico - Family Church Mission Trips


The Mixtec live in the mountains of Southern Mexico and are the largest unreached people group in the Americas. Less than 1% of the 167,000 people who live in 150 villages profess to follow Jesus. Our goal is to see a church started in each village.

These people are geographically isolated and most only speak an indigenous dialect called Mixtec. They have lived in spiritual bondage for centuries. They fear the spirit world, their neighbors, and breaking the customs their people have held for centuries. Family Church is presently training bilingual (Spanish and Mixtec) pastors and leaders to reach their community and neighboring villages with the power of the gospel.

There will be 4 trips to this region in 2017. These trips are presently limited to those who speak Spanish or who are exploring a call to be a career missionary.

Approximate Cost: $500-900



Family Church partners with churches in the Western Baptist Convention Cuba. Our mission supports their work and seeks to meet specific needs as requested. Training churches and leaders in using the “3 Circles” is our priority for this year. This is a great trip to explore another culture, serve the local church, and make a difference in the lives of Cubans. Apply 90 days before the trip for religious Visa requirements.

Trips:  April and October

Cost: $1,550


Family Church is sending mission teams to Panama, Cuba, and Mexico in 2017.  Costs vary depending upon the team and the trip.  You can apply for one of these trips by completing the following forms: Mission Trip Application, Application to Serve, and Background Check.  If you have already completed the forms, Application to Serve and Background Check, you do not need to complete them again.  After your application has been approved use the “Manage Trip Payments” button to make your trip payments.

Please wait until your mission trip application has been approved before you begin to make payments.   All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Download Forms

Mission Trip Application | Financial Information | Vaccine Information | Background Check Form | Application to Serve | Passport Procedures

Send completed forms to Pastor Keith Albert at