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Lead Pastor



First, husband to Kristin, next father to James, Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaac, Stephen, Anna Kate, Mary Claire and Caleb and then lead pastor of Family Church. I am dedicated to building families in South Florida through a network of neighborhood churches. My vision is to see each of our campuses on mission to help people in their community discover and pursue God’s design. Together we will reach South Florida with the Gospel.

Bev Bonner
Director of Assimilation and Church Life
Doug Lettsome
Scott Crawford
Business Administrator
Kevin Mahoney
Pastor of Stewardship

George Estornell
Pastor to Children and Families
Christian Ramos
Worship Pastor
Aaron Filippone
Student Pastor
Kevin Saxton
Middle School Pastor

Jimmy Fogleman
Associate Pastor
Tyler Williams
Worship Associate
Krystal Gutierrez
Preschool Coordinator
Steve Wright
Pastor of Discipleship and Church Planting
Bill Keith
Pastor of Pastoral Care and Senior Adults
Tim Akin


Campus Pastor, Family Church West



Husband to Anna and father to Levi, Judah, and Caleb. My passion in ministry is to preach the Gospel, lead people to faith in Christ, and to equip the Saints to carry out the work of ministry. What I hope for Family Church West is that all of the members of our church would be faithful to teach the Bible, build families, and love their neighbors.

Johanna Jurado
Minister to Children and Families
Daniel Martin
Associate Minister of Worship
Steven Madonna
Student Minister
Nathan Price
Operations Team Leader
Dr. Adam Bianchini


Ministry Leader, Family Church Recovery


I am a drug addict and alcoholic who is in recovery. My wife Jenell and I have three sons who are from other failed marriages. I almost lost my license to practice medicine because of my inability to refrain from acting out on my addiction. Both of our lives were train wrecks. But that all changed when we entered a relationship with Christ through the twelve steps. Our lives have been radically transformed. Our children know Christ and so do our four grandchildren. I am now able to work as the director of medicine in the recovery field. My wife and I mentor couples to give away what has been given to us. My hope is that Family Church Recover will honor Christ by presenting the gospel while being sensitive to the culture of recovery. My hope is that Family Church Recovery will honor Christ by presenting the gospel while being sensitive to the culture of recovery.

Jose DAsilva


Campus Pastor, Iglesia Familiar


Husband to Simone and father to Thais (and her husband, Cliff Saenz), Jefferson, and Lucas Dasilva. A native of Brazil, I am called by God’s grace to reach Latinos in America. Spanish culture is one of my big passions and I am privileged to be the pastor for two Spanish speaking congregations in South Florida. My heart’s desire is to train young leaders, raising up the next generation of pastors, and plant churches to reach the growing Spanish speaking population here. At Iglesia Familiar, our goal is reach Latinos for Christ, and make disciples, one family at a time.

Jiroo Kuroda
Worship / Executive Pastor
Hermes Hernandez
Pastor of Pastoral Care
Edmundo Araujo
Senior Pastor
Stephen Dervan


Campus Pastor, Family Church Abacoa


Honored to call Becca my wife and blessed to call Cade, Cole, Casen, and Carrington my children. My passions in ministry are to preach God’s Word, shepherd our church, and walk alongside other Christ followers as we seek to impact South Florida with the Gospel. My hope for Family Church Abacoa is that we would love Jesus above all others, treasure His Word, and listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance in all we do.

Jimmy Fogleman
Associate Pastor
Dave Cornett
Music Ministry
Jaime Thomas
Minister to Children and Families


Ministry Leader, Family Church Recovery


I am a drug addict and alcoholic who is in recovery. My wife Carly had divorce papers signed and was ready to leave me. My children were suffering as a result of my poor decisions and ignorance. My home was in shambles and ultimately I became suicidal. But that all changed when I was introduced to a relationship with Jesus Christ through the twelve steps. Since that time, my life has been rebuilt, my wife and I are happier than we have ever been, my children are on the honor roll, and I have earned a degree in psychology and am an addictions professional. It is my great hope that we can build a bridge between the church and the recovery community to help others find the Highest Power in Jesus Christ!

Jimmy Muir


Campus Pastor, Sherbrooke


I have been blessed with an amazing wife, Heather, and an incredible son, Kohen. I love teaching God’s word, and leading others to marvel at his incredible love for his people. I am excited to see Family Church Sherbrooke use the influence that God has given us to transform lives, build families, and impact our community.

Winner Olmann
Music Ministry
Stana Nichols
Minister to Children and Families