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Are you being called to something bigger than yourself?

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Find your calling.

A career at Family Church is more than a job, it’s a calling. Do you aspire to be on a team with people that are trustworthy, that value integrity, that feel like family?

If you like to dream big, want to work in an environment that fosters people development, and be on a team that motivates one another to do greater things, then find your career at Family Church. Let’s make an impact by taking the gospel to every person, in every neighborhood in South Florida – together.

Why Family Church?


Do you want to be on a team that values your feedback and teamwork? At Family Church, you will find people making decisions together – moving from conversation to decision to action. 


Are you passionate about doing your best in all you do? Do you believe in calling the play, running the play, then evaluating the play for continuous imporovement? You will see this in action at Family Church.


Do you believe in constructive disruption that ultimately makes things better? Do you enjoy creating and embracing change now, while keeping the future in view? Then, you will thrive at Family Church!

By finding a career at Family Church, you will reach more people with the gospel. You will be part of a community that is passionate about pulling people in, lifting them up, and bringing them home to God’s family. Find your career today.

Educators wanted.

Are you passionate about teaching and developing kids?

In addition to gospel-centered neighborhood churches, we are also putting neighborhood schools across South Florida. Why? To create more gospel outposts and to offer an affordable Christian classical education to neighborhood families.

If you have a growth mindset to develop young minds and inspire a love of learning, find your career at one of our schools. Explore opportunities in Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast below.

Palm Beach Christian Academy

Treasure Coast Christian Academy

I serve as a Finance Specialist at Family Church. I am not only motivated to provide for myself and my family, I am motivated by the people that I get to work alongside. Our culture is unreal. Imagine working with people you genuinely want to invest in, who invest in you, because there’s a higher purpose. Imagine working with people who have integrity and care about one another, because they are held accountable by the Creator of the Universe. We are a family here, serving God together. There is no secret business tactic that makes us successful in this. Just Jesus. I am passionate about my work because I work with people who want to proclaim the truth in all that we do.

Michaelo Celis

Finance Specialist, Finance Team at Family Church