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What is it?

The Family Church Internship Program is an intensive leadership development program designed to identify and train the best young leaders for gospel impact across the globe. The goal is to provide real-world leadership opportunities to college students and young professionals, through the neighborhood church. Learn more to get started.

Who is it for?

The Family Church Internship program is tailored for aspiring young Christian leaders, between the ages of 18 and 24, who are eager to cultivate both their leadership skills and faith. This program is meticulously crafted to provide each intern with a personalized experience shaped by their unique career aspirations. To be eligible, applicants must be one year removed from their high school graduation date.

When? Where can I serve?

You can serve in the spring, fall, and/or summer. You can serve in one or more of the following ministry areas: student ministry, kids ministry, worship ministry,  pastoral ministry, church planting, marketing/communications, church administration, finance, and organizational leadership.

Mason Boudreaux
Private Banker, J.P. Morgan

As a Family Church intern, I was challenged to cultivate biblical leadership principles, which propelled me to excel in my career, personal relationships, and my ministry. I was thoughtfully and intentionally discipled. Because of this my faith grew and I spent more time in God’s Word. This captivated my heart and there was a positive overflow into all areas of my life. 

Jonathan Ramoutar

Campus Pastor, Lake Worth Christian School

As a Family Church intern in college, I grew both spiritually and professionally. Spiritually, my theology was strengthened. and my relationship with God grew stronger alongside a tremendous community and leadership team. Professionally, my leadership and communication skills were sharpened and imapacted dramatically.

Marley Bristow

Social Media Content Manager, The Social Resort

As a Family Church intern, I was immersed in an environment that refined my professional skills and fostered personal growth. Collaborating with a diverse team taught me the importance of communication and teamwork in order to achieve organizational goals. I received support and encouragement that strengthened my faith and provided me with a solid foundation.

Still have questions?

What does the application process look like?

Firstly, click on the Learn More button and submit the form. A team member will reach out to you and send you the internship application. Once you complete and submit the application, a team member will reach out to you to schedule an interview (in person or a phone call). Lastly, receive acceptance or denial from internship team 2-3 weeks after the interview.

How long is the internship?

Fall and spring internships last the duration of the semester. A summer internship is two months long, beginning the last week of May and ends the last week of July.

Is this full-time or part-time?

We offer both options to every individual intern. This is discussed in depth during your interview.

If there are multiple campuses, where do I go?

Our team will help with placing you at the campus that will give you the best experience. During your interview, we will ask you about specific experiences you want to have. The answers you provide will help us discern the best pathway for you.

Where will I live over the summer?

Housing is provided for all summer interns. You will be minutes away from the beach and in close proximity to the other summer interns.

What does being an intern look like?

As a Family Church intern, you will be looked at as a staff member. You will be invited to staff meetings, staff chapels, and given a project to work on for the duration of the summer.

Is this a paid internship?

No, our internships are unpaid. However, we strive to provide an enriching experience to our interns. As part of our program, interns receive complimentary housing. Additionally, we offer the opportunity for interns to take on part-time positions within our operations team while completing their internship. These supplementary roles provide valuable experience.

Is this internship only for people who want to pursue full-time ministry?

No, the internship program is structured to foster your growth in both faith and leadership. Read the testimonials above to witness the diverse journeys of individuals from various career paths who have experienced personal growth and professional development through our program.