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One of the best ways for Family Church to feel like family.

Are you on a serve team?

Every believer is called to a life of service and should belong to a Bible-believing local church. God has given every believer gifts to serve the church family and impact the world. There is a place for you to use your gifts!

Serve inside the church: find mission. find purpose. make a difference.

Serve inside the church to impact others. Being on a serve team will make a difference for you and help you find your place in the family. If you are interested click here, complete the application and you will be contacted about how you can get started!


Serving as the church out there will give you a chance to impact the community through our church partners. You will have the opportunity meet real-life needs of people from all walks of life. Generously giving of your time like this has a way of bringing fulfillment to you while satisfying the needs of those you serve.

Community Partnerships

Urban Youth Impact

First Care

Feed the Hungry

Community Health Center

Youth For Christ

Place of Hope

Neighborhood Schools