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A church in Palm Beach Gardens to help you discover & pursue God’s design for your life.

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This past year has been tough.

Many people are now feeling isolated. frustrated. anxious. uncertain.

You were designed for more

Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. God has revealed His design for every area of our lives. A church family can help you discover and pursue God’s design from wherever you are.

What’s Available at this Location



Kids programming for birth through Grade 5 at 9:30 & 11:00 am.



Students, Grades 6-12, meet at 11:00 am for Middle School and High School services. Students are encouraged to attend worship services with their families in the theater at 9:30 am.



Groups are the way we love one another like family and grow in our faith together.



First Connection happens on the first Sunday of each month at your neighborhood church. It’s a great opportunity to meet your pastors. Get to know us while we get to know you!


Campus Pastor, Aaron Filippone


9:30 & 11:00 am

Palm Beach Gardens

4901 PGA Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 

Teaching Pastor Bernie Cueto

Campus Pastor Aaron Filippone

Rudy Roche

Rudy Roche from Family Church West is a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy who first came to Family Church at the invitation of his fellow deputy Garrett. Rudy visited a few times over the last several years, and believed what he was hearing about Jesus was true. But he wasn’t yet ready to make a personal commitment.

However, a few weeks ago, Rudy came to service again at West, and as he heard the good news of Jesus, he felt that God was speaking directly to him. That day, he asked Jesus to be the Lord of his life. He is being baptized by Garrett and is ready to live for Jesus!

Callie Spara

My name is Callie Spara I am currently in 10th grade. I come from a big family where I am constantly surrounded by love. And growing up in a Christian household I have believed that Jesus had died on the cross for my sins as long as I can remember. But last year a dear friend invited me to the students Christmas party. Which then led to youth group every Wednesday. When I went to block party I knew I wanted to accept the Lord into my life. I could feel the love and it felt like a family where I belong. And it was there where I decided I wanted to live a long life spreading the gospel. I am overjoyed that I can now make my faith my own. 

Josh McCall

I was able to see clearly that I could no longer go it alone. My way was not the way and had been failing me for years. It ultimately led me to Family Church. There I found what was missing all of these years, a power greater than myself. God did what no man could ever do for me, he removed the obsession of self, and in turn, the obsession of alcohol. I came down to Florida to find myself and instead found something far more powerful than I could have ever imagined, God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


Experts tell us that people are simultaneously more connected and disconnected than ever before. In this age of constant digital connection, more and more people feel personally isolated, frustrated, anxious, and uncertain. Is that you? If so, then Family Church is here for you. If you are looking for a multigenerational, multicultural church near you in South Florida, check out our location map and plan your visit today. We have Family Church in Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie counties.

We’re not claiming to be a perfect church or the most popular church, but we do think we are the best church to help you discover God’s design for your life. We want to connect with you and help you find your place in our family at Family Church.

We want to help you build your family by helping you discover and pursue God’s design. We are a multicultural Christian church. This means everyone is welcome at Family Church – every person from every place – every neighborhood and every race. Whether you are married or married again…whether you have your kids, his kids, or her kids…whether you are single or widowed…we are going to be family to each other.

We’re going to unite around our core values to teach the Bible, build families, and love our neighbors. First, we teach the Bible because we want to help you learn the Bible. The Bible reveals to you God’s design for every area of your life – your family life, friend life, sex life, money life, school life, and work life. God has a design for all of it. If you live according to God’s design, then you have the opportunity to live in the arena of God’s blessing. That is not to say that pursuing God’s design exempts you from problems or difficult circumstances. But it is true that living life according to God’s design is a better way to live than the alternatives.

The Bible is the focus of our Sunday morning worship experiences as well as all the other content we produce. We will teach your students and kids the same ideas you are learning in our church service and many of our small groups. You can take the truth of God’s Word and apply it to your life no matter your age or life stage.

Second, we build families, and we want to help you build your family. We know that families come in all shapes and sizes. If you are a parent, then we want to be your spiritual Home Depot – you can do it, we can help. The Bible teaches that you have the primary responsibility to raise your kids to know and love Jesus, but your church family is here to help you. We want to come alongside you and celebrate all of life’s milestones with you – from birth to high school graduation and hopefully beyond. We will challenge your kids and students to be leaders because we are serious about raising the next generation of Jesus people.

Our third core value is to love our neighbors. Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, but the second is like it – to love your neighbors as yourself. At Family Church, we want to be people who are known for loving our neighbors. We want to help you love your neighbors through each of our neighborhood churches.

Take a moment now to plan your visit to one of our neighborhood churches in South Florida. We have a neighborhood church in Downtown West Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Jupiter Farms, Lake Worth, Royal Palm Beach, North Stuart, and Port St. Lucie. We also have a Spanish church in Greenacres and West Palm Beach as well as a Portuguese church in Palm Beach Gardens.

Still Have Questions?

Should I wear a mask?
Masks are optional based on current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control as well as state and county governments.
What can I expect?
We gather together as a family every Sunday so we can be equipped to scatter together across our neighborhoods during the week. Our Sunday focus is on corporate worship, Bible teaching and fellowship in age-appropriate group settings. There are also groups that meet throughout the week. We have many opportunities for you to connect at Family Church.
What do I do when I arrive?
We encourage you to come early so our parking team can show you where to park and our greeters can help guide you. You’ll also have time to check in your kids. Make sure to fill out a Connect Card at the bottom of your listening guide when you visit or digitally (gofc.cc/connect). This allows us to connect with you personally so we can help you take your next step in becoming part of our family.
Where do I park?
We have a team at each campus dedicated to helping you find a place to park. We also have signage to direct you to our campus.
How should I dress?
At Family Church we encourage you to come as you are. Most people attend wearing business-casual attire; some wear suits, ties and dresses and others wear jeans or shorts. God sees our heart and that’s what He cares about; it’s not about the style of clothing we choose.
What about my kids?
We have a place for kids of all ages from pre-school to teenagers. Check in at the Welcome Area upon your arrival and we will assist you with checking in your children and leading them to their age-appropriate room.
Can I worship online?
Yes! If you’d like to worship online in the comfort of your own home, you can through Family Church at Home. Our service times are 9:30 am, 11:00 am, and 6:00 pm. Family Church at Home is available on our website under our locations tab, our Facebook page (facebook.com/familychurchnetwork), and our YouTube channel (youtube.com/gofamilychurch).